WVSU SPACE Chapter Payload Goes to SPACE Aboard NASA RockSat C Rocket

Rockets epitomize power, technical ability and the urge to explore.

Image Courtesy of NASA Wallops and RockSat-C. Participants and spectators look on as the RockSat-C sounding rocket takes off from NASA’s Wallops Facility at Virginia Beach. Several payloads from WV universities were aboard the rocket.

On June 24, 2016, STATE-1 was launched aboard a RockSat-C sounding rocket 74 miles into space. As part of the NASA Space Flight Design Challenge, the SPACE Chapter here at State built their own payload, STATE-1. It featured an Arduino Mini microcontroller, an IMU and a scratch built Geiger Counter. NASA IV and V sponsored the challenge and SPACE Chapter to promote systems engineering and space related science among students in West Virginia.

Four students participated in the challenge under the guidance of Dr. Marek Krasnansky, who was the faculty advisor for the team. Laura Miller was the software lead, Danford Smith was the team co-lead, Saira Rizwan was the design lead and Umer Rizwan was the team lead. Following the 20th Annual WVSU Research Symposium, NASA IV and V invited universities in WV to participate in the SFDC in an event on-campus. WVSU SPACE was organized as a result. WVSU and SPACE participated in the SFDC for their first year and successfully launched a payload. For the team and State, successful participation was a unique opportunity and a small achievement for the rookie team.

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